Trident DIY Service Kit
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Trident DIY Service Kit

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    Neptune Systems recommends, but does not require, that your Trident receives a preventative service between 24-36 months of operation. It’s possible some Tridents will need to be serviced before this recommended service interval, but that would be the exception and not very common.

    The Trident DIY Service Kit is an option that is great for customers that would like to complete the recommended service on their own. Recommended only for a most hand-on customer that considers themselves “mechanically inclined,” and can follow directions well.

    Note: The DIY Service Kit should only be used if your Trident is in good, working-order.

    This Kit Includes:

    Replacement Peristaltic Pump Head
    One of the most important components of a well operating Trident is pump head. This is how the Trident remains precise so keeping this head new and in good condition is a big priority.

    Cuvette & Tubing
    The cuvette is where the color titration happens to determine your parameter levels. Over time it will become stained, dirty and discolored.

    Internal Tubing Assembly
    There is some internal tubing in Trident that can get worn-out over time. We replace this with new tubing to allow for continued operation of the Trident.

    Trident Sample Line Filter
    Optional: For a Trident used in a system with heavy debris of particulate matter in the water column, a sample line filter can be installed to help prevent clogs and blockages.

    Sample & Waste Lines with Connectors
    The external sample and waste line over time can become clogged after extended use. The fresh sample and waste line will help prevent that from happening. We have also included fresh connectors to also minimize clogging.