Reagent Needle Guides for Neptune Systems Trident
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Reagent Needle Guides for Neptune Systems Trident

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    These Trident Reagent Needle guides are a simple and affordable add-on that helps ensure the needle stays straight in the reagent bottles. The guides insert into the neck of the bottle, resting securely under the cap and form a funnel to guide the needle straight to the bottom of the bottle. This helps prevent the needles from flopping around inside of the bottle and catching air due to sitting at an angle. Color-coded & marked guides match the reagent bottles ensuring you don’t mix up the guides and reagents.


    • Inserts directly under the cap of each reagent bottle
    • Color-coded & marked guides avoids cross contamination
    • Keeps reagent needles straight inside of each bottle
    • Ensures full use of reagent in each bottle

    Items Included:

    • 1x Red Reagent A Needle Guide
    • 1x Blue Reagent B Needle Guide
    • 1x Green Reagent C Needle Guide