N52 MAG Frag Rack Pro
N52 MAG Frag Rack Pro
N52 MAG Frag Rack Pro
N52 MAG Frag Rack Pro
Oceans Wonders

N52 MAG Frag Rack Pro

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    Oceans Wonders N52 MAG rack PRO our newest and largest design at 12" long x 3" wide, it boast several improvements over previous models. This is the most versatile frag rack on the market and a large step above those that use suction cups, weak magnets or only work with frag plugs with round stems.


    • NOT Egg crate, made from reef safe injection molded aquarium grade ABS plastic.
    • Made with N52 grade neodymium magnets, the highest quality & strongest grade magnet that will not rust or corrode.
    • Securely holds on up to 3/4" thick aquarium walls.
    • One of the largest frag racks available holding up to 30 frags at a time.
    • Works will ALL frag plug sizes including coral cradles, frag pods, ecotech frag plugs & even those big ORA frag plugs.
    • Extremely thin plate (1/4") making it very small and compact within the aquarium.
    • Stabilizer legs to prevent the rack from tipping forward when to much weight is applied on it.

    Frag plugs pictured are not included.