Frag Top Pedestal Aquarium Dry Live Rock

Frag Top Pedestal Aquarium Dry Live Rock

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    MarcoRocks Reef Saver Frag Top Pedestal Aquarium Dry Live Rock

    MarcoRocks Frag Top Pedestal Dry Live Rock is a sustainable natural reef rock that is harvested on land and not directly from our oceans. With their unique no chemical cleaning process, you get a 100% pest and algae free rock.

    The Frag Top Pedestal gives you a flat top to mount coral frags, while also providing some shaded areas for corals that may not want full intensity light. Each Frag Top Pedestal features a double cut Reef Saver rock bonded to another double cut smaller Reef Saver rock so it can sit perfectly balanced on a flat surface.

    Sold By The Piece

    Average Size May Vary Slightly

    11" x 7" x 5" (L x W x H)

    Base is 3"


    • Natural Reef Rock
    • Eco-Friendly Sustainable Rock
    • No Chemical Cleaning Process
    • 100% Pest & Algae Free
    • Highly Porous

    Shipping Note

    While we make every effort to securely pack the rock, UPS & FedEx are not always gentle with heavy products and they do not consider this product insurable. Because of this, there is some inherent risk with shipping rock like this across the country and it is impossible to replace or refund broken pieces. If this does happen most pieces can be repaired with epoxy or mortar.