DipX Coral Bath
Red Sea

DipX Coral Bath

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    New corals often come with unwanted “hitchhikers” hidden deep inside the corals’ crevices. These various tiny creatures are usually invisible to the naked eye, and once in the aquarium, they can migrate to other corals and damage your delicate reef eco-system.

    DipX is a highly effective dip for safely introducing new corals and live rocks to your aquarium.

    A simple 15-minute bath in DipX before placing a new coral in the aquarium will drive away unwanted “hitchhikers”, thereby maintaining the safety of your reef.


    • Safe for all kinds of corals: SPS, LPS and Soft corals, Zoanthids, mushroom anemones (Discosoma and Ricordea) and live rocks.
    • Effectively drives away Acropora eating flatworm, Montipora eating nudibranch, Acropora Red Bug and other coral “hitchhikers”.
    • Slows down RTN and STN (external bath only).
    • Free of inorganic elements such as potassium iodide or bromide.