B-Ionic Calcium 1 Gallon Concentrate

B-Ionic Calcium 1 Gallon Concentrate

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    Maintaining Alkalinity and Calcium levels shouldn't be complicated. Simplify with the original easy-to-use ionically balanced 2-part buffer system. It's an economical alternative to a calcium reactor, and when used in equal parts, the aquarist can easily maintain calcium and alkalinity levels with no mixing of powders, disruption of ionic balance, or addition of organic chemicals. In addition to supplying highly concentrated calcium and carbonate alkalinity required for calcification, B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System is also formulated to provide all other important major, minor, and trace elements in the proper ratios to duplicate the composition of synthetic seawater. As a result, B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System will help restore inorganic ions lost from protein skimming and help maintain the ionic balance of your aquarium water.


    • Part # 2 of 2 solution
    • Concentrated formula
    • Requires RO/DI to dilute concentrate
    • Will not alter salinity or ionic balance

    Please Note: Must be diluted with RO/DI before use.