4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH
4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH
4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH
4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH
4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH
4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH
4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH

4K Gyre Flow Pump Only - 4000 GPH

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    Requires HYDROS WaveEngine LE WiFi Controller

    IceCap Gyre Flow Pumps are compatible with the Dual Pump WiFi Controller and can easily be added to your existing 2K or 4K Gyre setup as a second IceCap Flow Pump. You can use any combination of Flow Pumps you like, meaning you can add a 2K Flow Pump to your 4K setup, or vice versa.

    The IceCap 4K Gyre uses officially licensed technology by Maxspect, creators of the original Gyre pump, to generate the now-iconic gyre water flow in your aquarium but without breaking the bank! New for 2020 is the addition of the IceCap Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller. The new controller utilizes CoralVue’s powerful HYDROS platform to access life-like flow patterns, scheduling, and much more.

    Wavemakers excel in making waves, while waves are spectacular to watch in motion, they are moving the majority of the water vertically up and down, with relatively low horizontal movement, especially near the bottom of the aquarium. On the other hand, gyre generators excel in moving the sheer flow of water from one side of the aquarium to the other. The flow of water is so strong that it would bounce back from the opposite side to achieve full circulation within an aquarium, i.e., generating "gyre flows."


    • Unique Gyre Flow Virtually Eliminates Dead Spots
    • Evenly Distributed Linear Flow
    • Discrete Design
    • Can Be Mounted Vertically or Horizontally
    • Can Be Mounted Close to the Water Surface
    • Waterproof Magnet Mounts
    • Twin Directional Flow Cages
    • Includes 2 Sets of Propellers: Orange and Black
    • HYDROS WaveEngine Direct Drive Compatible
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty

    • Control 2 IceCap Gyre Pumps with 1 Power Supply
      You can control AND power up to 2 pumps from a single Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller. A single power brick means less clutter around your tank!
    • Compatible with All IceCap Gyre Models: 1K / 2K / 3K / 4K
      If you already own an IceCap 1K or 3K pump, you can upgrade it to be WiFi controlled! Just plug it into the Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller and voila! You’re now controlling your old pump using the latest tank tech!
    • Mix-and-Match Different IceCap Gyre Pumps Together
      You can use whatever combination of two IceCapGyre pumps that you like. A 2K and 4K, a 1K and 2K, a 3K, and 4K, it’s up to you!
    • Easily Connect to a Third-Party Aquarium Controller
      The Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller has 0-10V input so you can connect and control your IceCap Gyre pumps from a third-party aquarium controller, like the CoralVue HYDROS Control 4, Neptune Systems Apex, GHL ProfiLux, or the Reef Angel.
    • Set Flow Patterns, Create Schedules, and Trigger Modes
      CoralVue’s HYDROS platform powers the Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller, so you’ll have access to multiple flow patterns that are programmable by time along with handy modes you can trigger like Feed Mode, Night Mode, or Water Change Mode.

    Flow Modes

    • Constant
    • Sine Wave
    • Square Wave
    • Random


    • Rated for Aquariums: 25-150+ Gallons
    • Flow Rate: 1,286 to 4,000 GPH
    • Dimensions: 12" L x 3.15" W x 1.7" H
    • Max Glass Thickness: 5/8"
    • Cable Length: 6 FT
    • Power Consumption: 13-45 Watts

    Items Included

    • 1x 4K Gyre Flow Pump
    • 1x Alternate Flow Propeller Set
    • 1x Magnetic Mounting System
    • 1x Instruction Manual