ReefLED 160s LED Light Fixture
ReefLED 160s LED Light Fixture
ReefLED 160s LED Light Fixture
Red Sea

ReefLED 160s LED Light Fixture

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    Reef-Spec Light Output For Optimal Coral Growth & Coloration

    Over the past few years, Red Sea has dedicated a lot of time to testing and researching LED lighting, and those efforts have recently culminated in the release of the ReefLED 160s. The ReefLED 160s brings the power needed to light deeper and wider tanks with a stadium-shaped lens to optimally shape the light spread in each direction. Designed for optimal growth, while producing great coloration with a pleasant shimmer effect. Red Sea didn't stop with great function and form. They integrated the control of the light into the ReefBeat smart aquarium app and the built-in WiFi lets you directly connect the light to your smart device to set the daily schedule, color, intensity, and other features. The intelligent design and simplicity of setup makes the 160s an excellent choice for a larger reef tank.


    • Optimal Output For Maximum Color & Growth
    • Perfectly Blended Light with a Slight Shimmer
    • Anti-glare Recessed Lens
    • Reef Safe Dual Channel Control with Moonlighting
    • Built-in WiFi
    • Easy to Control With ReefBeat App
    • Maximum Spread: 32" x 32"

    LED Information

    The ReefLEDs use an ingenious recessed LED cluster that eliminates glare from normal viewing angles. This focuses light into the tank, while the specialized lens provides a homogenous light mixture that blends nicely in your aquarium. The Dual Channel settings let you customize the lighting for your viewing preferences while ensuring the overall spectrum is acceptable to corals and other animals that depend on it for their energy.

    Total LED Power - 160 Watts

    Reef Spec Blue - 140 Watts

    8000K White - 20 Watts

    Moon Lights - 3 Watts

    ReefBeat Control

    Integrate all of your Red Sea equipment into a single source interface, ReefBeat! Available for Android or iOS devices, ReefBeat lets you connect directly to your Red Sea ReefLED light for daily schedule programming, scroll through the included programming library for tested schedules, or create your own custom in just a few minutes. Once you get connected a whole slew of additional features can be unlocked, such as a 28-day lunar cycle, cloud cover effects, and also staggered sunrise and sunset times that are super easy to program.

    • Peace of Mind
    • Lunar Cycles
    • Acclimation Mode
    • Weekly Schedules
    • Staggered Sunrise/Sunset
    • Cloud and Shading Effects

    Light Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 6.9" L x 6.1" W x 2.5" H
    • Power Usage: 160 Watts
    • Maximum Spread: 32" x 32"

    Items Included:

    • 1x ReefLED 160 LED Light
    • 1x ReefLED Power Supply

    Note: Red Sea ReefLED Lights require a connection to the ReefBeat application for initial programming. Without programming, the lights will turn onto 100% when plugged into a power outlet.