Reef Foundation A (CA/SR)
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Reef Foundation A (CA/SR)

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    Red Sea Foundation A - CALCIUM+ contains blended salts of calcium and strontium in the ratio required by corals and is part of Red Sea’s complete Reef Care Program.

    Liquid Supplement: 1 mL will raise the Calcium level of 25 gallons by 2ppm.

    A successful coral reef aquarium is dependent upon maintaining the appropriate water parameters that, in turn, provide the stable environment required by the corals.

    Although all the elements found in natural seawater have an important role in providing the optimal water parameters, a few of them have a more significant role in the overall stability. These elements are the foundation of the reef environment and they include the three major elements: calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and bicarbonates (HCO3).

    These three reef foundation elements have a major effect on the water chemistry (pH stability, alkalinity and seawater ionic strength) and on many of the coral’s biological processes (skeleton formation, ions exchange, and photosynthesis).

    Red Sea’s Foundation Elements provides a complete solution for maintaining and replenishing the foundation building blocks of the reef aquarium by providing complete and balanced supplements, formulated to work together for long term use and without changing the ionic balance of the water.

    Reef Foundation 3 Part System

    Reef Foundation A - Calcium and Strontium

    Reef Foundation B - Alkalinity

    Reef Foundation C - Magnesium