Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10
Hydros Control X10

Hydros Control X10

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    The Ultimate Hydros System Controller

    • Dose Liquids, Monitor Temperature, Track pH/ORP
    • Four Dosing Pumps Built-In
    • Manage up to 8 Hydros WiFi Devices
    • Easily Expand w/ Optional Probes and Accessories

    The Control X10 is the ultimate Hydros system controller with twin Drive ports, four Sense ports, a pH/ORP port, a Salinity probe port, four stepper dosing motors, and the ability to control up to eight WiFi devices all integrated into one compact IP-65 rated controller.

    *Hydros WiFi Power Strip, Control XP8, or Smart Plug required (not included with Control X10).

    Quick & Easy Setup

    There is no complicated programming language to learn. If you can operate a smartphone, you can be the operator of a smart aquarium—tap, drag, press, or flick to adjust settings using intuitive icons and simple menus. Schedule each component in your aquarium life support system to run at a specific time, frequency, or intensity. You can also use real-time data and easily configure more complex actions.

    IP65 Rated: Hydros devices look like industrial controllers because they are built to function in the harsh environment of a marine aquarium. The IP65-rated Hydros enclosure and connectors ensure long-term reliability in the face of corrosive salt spray.

    Command Bus - 2 Available: The Command bus communicates with other Hydros devices for the ultimate failsafe and can also power other Control devices.

    Drive Port - 2 Available: The Drive Ports provide switched 12V DC power for running small Hydros aquarium devices. The Control continuously monitors the exact current supplied by each port, so you will be immediately notified if a motor or pump quits drawing current or draws too much.

    Each drive port can handle up to 1.5A, and the entire device can handle up to 3A in total.

    Sense Port - 4 Available: The Sense Port is a new concept in aquarium parameter measurement. Hydros devices include several Sense Ports. A Sense Port is a generic input port that can accept data from numerous different types of sensors like flow sensors and leak detectors.

    Salinity Probe Port - 1 Available: The Salinity Probe is a special probe port for use with conductivity probes to monitor the salinity of your aquarium's water. Salinity Probe Kit is not included but is required to monitor Salinity.

    pH/ORP Probe Port - 1 Available: Connect an ORP or pH probe to the Probe Port (ORP Probe not included). Each pH input provides digital galvanic isolation from the rest of the system to help prevent interference.

    High Precision Stepper Dosers - 4 Available: These independent fluid metering stepper pumps provide remarkable precision for dosing your favorite two part, trace elements, water changes, liquid food additives, alkalinity testing, and more.

    Control up to 8 WiFi Devices: The Hydros App allows you to create rules and set schedules to control the 4-Outlet WiFi Power Strips and Smart Plugs. Quickly turn on or off different pieces of aquarium equipment.


    • Dimensions: 7.75"L x 6.75"W x 4.25"H

    Items Included:

    • X10 Controller
    • Power Supply
    • pH Probe with Calibration Solutions (7.01 & 10.01)
    • Temperature Sensor
    • 4x 10ft Dosing Tubing
    • Calibration Beaker
    • 1-Year Warranty