Fish & Coral Drip Acclimation Line
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Fish & Coral Drip Acclimation Line

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    Reduce stress and shock to your new tank inhabitants with this 6' Acclimation Kit. Acclimating new fish and corals can be the difference between success and stress for your new purchase. Proper acclimation will slowly introduce your tanks water to help the fish acclimate to any possible changes over a short period of time.


    • Rigid tubing hangs on aquarium
    • Micro Valve for precise drip control
    • 6 Feet of heavy duty airline tubing


    • Use a clean bucket and release your new inhabitants and their water into the bucket.
    • Insert longer side of rigid tubing into the flexible tubing.
    • Hang rigid tube on the edge of the aquarium and place the valve end into the bucket.
    • To start a siphon you can either give a quick suck on the valve end or place the rigid tubing in front of the return in your aquarium.
    • After starting a siphon, close the valve to acheive a drip at a rate of 2-3 drops per second.
    • We recommend that that the water volume is tripled to slowly equalize all water parameters.