Coral View Lens V2

Coral View Lens V2

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    Capturing nature beauty in perfect light, with the perfect angle using your smartphone or tablet have never been so easy with the new Polyplab Coral view lens.

    Taking pictures of your beautiful corals often requires changing your aquarium light color spectrum or mount complex lighting setup. With the new Polyplab Coral view lens, take pictures quickly and easily for the perfect shot every time.

    The Polyplab Coral view lens fits on the majority of the smartphone and tablets available on the market and all optical lens comes in his own protective casing for years of uses.

    Items Included

    • 1 x Precisely Crafted Lens Holder Clip
    • 1 x PolypLab Lens Cover
    • 1 x PolypLab Lens 27mm V2 Lens
    • 1 x PolypLab Lens 27mm 15K Lens
    • 1 x Optical Cleaning Cloth