ChloraGuard Catalytic Carbon Block - 1 Micron

ChloraGuard Catalytic Carbon Block - 1 Micron

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    Matrikx Chloraguard filters feature amazingly high capacity for chlorine reduction since it is made from a proprietary catalytic carbon that can deliver up to 4 times the capacity for monochloramine reduction. With a high dirt holding & absorption capacities, Matrikx Chloraguard filters not only meets but exceeds NSF and WQA standards.

    Features & Specifications:

    • High Efficiency 1-micron Sediment Pre-filter
    • Proprietary Catalytic Carbon
    • Exceptionally Low-Pressure Drops
    • High Dirt Holding
    • Excellent Chemical Contaminant Reduction
    • Size: 2.5" x 10"
    • Chlorine & Taste Reduction Capacity - >30,000 Gallons @ 1 GPM
    • Chloramine Reduction Capacity - >3,400 Gallons @ 0.5 GPM
    • Pressure Drop Spec - 3.5 PSID @ 1 GPM

    Powered by GreenBlock Technology

    KX Technologies and Filtrex Technologies, both Marmon Water/Berkshire Hathaway companies, have teamed up to combine the very best of their Matrikx and GreenBlock carbon block lines, into a single world-class product offering. The new and improved product line is the result of decades of experience in R&D, design, formulation, and manufacture of high-performance carbon block filters. Matrikx ChloraGuard filters, powered by GreenBlock, are made from 100% coconut shell carbon, a renewable, and ecologically sustainable material. The carbon is processed into blocks using a unique binder system and proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce filters with a greater number of micro-pores and available carbon surface area, which display superior adsorption capacity and kinetic dynamics. The companies are committed to Research and Development to advance filtration technology in an ecologically sound way.

     Matrikx ChloraGuard Spec Sheet