Battery Backup v3
Battery Backup v3
Battery Backup v3

Battery Backup v3

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    Keep Your Pumps Running During a Power Outage

    When it comes to a power failure, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Fish and corals can perish in as little as 4 hours without water flow. The IceCap Battery Battery Backup Version 3.0 will keep your flow pump running uninterrupted in the event of a power loss. You can connect two pumps to the battery backup and run them simultaneously for hours after the power goes out. To double your backup run time, you can even connect two battery backups for further protection.


    • Compatible with many 12-24 volt pumps from brands like Maxspect, IceCap, and Reef Octopus.
    • It turns on immediately after a power failure to protect your aquarium.
    • You can connect two battery backups to double the run time of a single pump.
    • Keeps a single flow pump running hours after a power loss.
    • You can connect 2 flow pumps to a single battery backup for hours of operation.
    • The compact and attractive form factor that is easy to mount on a wall or aquarium stand.
    • Get started immediately: power supply, pump adapters, and user guide are all included in the box.

    Compatible Pumps/Powerheads:

    One of the biggest benefits of the IceCap Battery Backup over competing brands is that it isn’t restricted to a single pump brand. The new battery backup v3.0 is compatible with most 24V or less variable speed DC pumps on the market today.

    • Maxspect Gyre Pumps (All Models)
    • IceCap Gyre Pumps including the IceCap Dual Pump WiFi Controller and (HYDROS WaveEngine will require this adapter)
    • Reef Octopus Octo Pulse Pumps (All Models)

    Note: The Battery Backup v3 is NOT compatible with the Reef Octopus VarioS pumps, Ecotech Marine pumps, Tunze, or AI Nero pumps.


    • DC Charger: Input: 100V to 240V 50/60Hz | Output: 27V 600MA
    • Main Unit DC: Output: 12V x 2.5A max | Input: 27V 1A max
    • Fuse: 250V 10A 5x20mm fast blow
    • Capacity: 2.5Ah
    • Dimensions: 5.75” x 5” x 3.125” (W x L x H)

    Please Note: Depending on the pump and pump controller you are using, the pump may not slow down during a power loss when the battery backup is activated, which will affect run time.

    Items Included:

    • Battery Backup
    • Battery Charger
    • Installation Cables