Syncra SDC 3.0 WiFi Controllable Pump (260-800 GPH)
Syncra SDC 3.0 WiFi Controllable Pump (260-800 GPH)
Syncra SDC 3.0 WiFi Controllable Pump (260-800 GPH)
Syncra SDC 3.0 WiFi Controllable Pump (260-800 GPH)
Syncra SDC 3.0 WiFi Controllable Pump (260-800 GPH)
Syncra SDC 3.0 WiFi Controllable Pump (260-800 GPH)

Syncra SDC 3.0 WiFi Controllable Pump (260-800 GPH)

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    SYNCRA SDC are the latest generation of SYNCRA pumps and are equipped with integrated intelligence systems to meet the needs of advanced recirculating applications. With programming freedom, controllability is finally coupled with power, energy efficiency, inline or submersible use, and low heat production. SYNCRA SDC are managed by an easy to use controller and with the free download of the new ContrALL app these pumps can be kept under control and programmed wherever internet access is available. ContrALL includes an alert system which keeps the end user updated in real time with the status of the pump.


    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Neptune Apex Fusion Compatible
    • WiFi Enabled Control System
    • Controller Included
    • Flexible Pipe Hose Fittings Included
    • 7.5 ft Max Head
    • Silent Operation
    • Self Cleaning Impeller

    Controllable Smart Flow:

    Sicce Syncra SDC pumps have a capacitive controller that lets you fine tune the flow through the pump making the perfect aquarium return pump. The controller comes with built-in WiFi, and by downloading the free ContrALL app for your IOS or Android device will let you control the pump from anywhere in the world. Through your phone or controller you can customize how the pump flows and with 5 different pre-set modes, the SDC pumps are ideal for closed-loop systems. With the latest software updates, the SDC pumps are also now compatible with the Apex Fusion control system from Neptune Systems.

    • Smart Alerts for:
      1. Blocked Rotor
      2. Dry Running
      3. Loss of Signal

    Temperature Monitoring:

    The integrated temperature probe measures the water’s temperature as it moves through the pump and you can check your aquarium’s water temperature at any time via the ContrALL app. The app will also send you notifications right on your smartphone should your aquarium’s water temperature fall or rise out of range. The alert range is completely customizable and the app can be set to display either °C or °F.

    Tool Free Maintenance:

    Most pumps on the market today require you to dig into your tool box, but the Sicce SDC pump does not! The pre-chamber can be removed without any tools, giving you access to the impeller for cleaning and inspection. We have found the easier something is to maintain the more likely we are to do it, and with maintenance being the key to a long lasting pump the SDC hit it out of the park.

    Heat Reduction:

    Sicce has a proprietary hydraulic design for their SDC pumps that help relieve the heat, along with high-quality components that go into every pump. They also have forced internal recirculation that helps promote less heat transfer.


    • Dimensions: 7.3" L x 2.5" W x 3.8" H
    • Flow Range: 260 - 800 GPH
    • Max Head Height: 7.5 Feet
    • Cable Length: 10 Feet
    • Power Consumption: 6 - 35 watts
    • Voltage: 24VDC
    • Warranty: 5 Years with online registration
    • Internal or External Use

    Items Included:

    • 1x SDC 3.0 Multifunction Pump
    • 1x SDC Controller
    • 1x SDC 3.0 Power Supply
    • 4x Silencer Feet
    • 1x 1/2" - 1" Flexible Pipe Barb Fitting
    • 1x 3/4" - 1" Flexible Pipe Barb Fitting
    • 1x Intake Guard

     Syncra SDC Instruction Manual