SV-1 Apex Solenoid Valve
SV-1 Apex Solenoid Valve
SV-1 Apex Solenoid Valve
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SV-1 Apex Solenoid Valve

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    The SV-1 Apex Solenoid valve is perfect for controlling your RODI system, top off system, calcium reactor, or other low flow items that use 1/4" tubing. This solenoid valve uses the 24V accessory port found on 1Link modules and the EnergyBar 832.

    Solenoid Valve (SV-1)

    This 24VDC powered, normally-closed (NC), solenoid valve has push-fit tubing input and outputs designed for standard 1/4″ tubing. The electrical connection on this solenoid valve fits the DC24 accessory ports found on the FMM, 1Link, and Energy Bar 832 products. Common uses include safety stops for RODI systems, CO2 systems on calcium reactors, and many other places where you want to control the on/off flow of water, air, or other gasses.

    This solenoid valve can also be used with a standalone 24VDC power supply (not included) if you do not own one of the above products and want to use this solenoid valve with your Energy Bar 8 or Energy Bar 4.