AquaBus Cable
AquaBus Cable
AquaBus Cable
AquaBus Cable
Neptune Systems

AquaBus Cable

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Size: 1 Ft.

SKU: 019962174056

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Size: 3 Ft.

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Size: 6 Ft.

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Size: 15 Ft.

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Size: 30 Ft.

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    Apex Controllers from Neptune Systems are modular systems that allow you to connect many modules together in either a “daisy-chain” or star topology method. Use this cable to connect the Apex controller, modules, and Energy Bars together.

    Available in 5 Sizes:

    • 1 Ft
    • 3 Ft
    • 6 Ft
    • 15 Ft
    • 30 Ft

    Please Note: AquaBus Cables are USB-type cables but Apex Systems does not have a USB interface. DO NOT plug into any computer or other USB device - severe damage may occur to your Apex or the device you connect.