Reef Glue Gel
Reef Glue Gel
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Reef Glue Gel

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Size: 1 oz Bottle

SKU: 804879061786

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Size: 2 oz Bottle

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    Reef Glue Gel is extremely thick, inverting the bottle upside down and tapping it may be necessary to move the gel adhesive to the applicator tip. The unique pin cap has a needle embedded into it that is inserted into the applicator spout every time the cap in put on the bottle, eliminating clogs!


    • 100% Reef Safe Marine Grade
    • Super strong triple distilled pure Cyanoacrylate reef glue
    • Over 4 Times as thick as previous formula
    • Clean and clear finish

    Two Sizes Available:

    • 1 oz Bottle
    • 2 oz Bottle