Versa Base Station
Versa Base Station
Ecotech Marine

Versa Base Station

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    The Versa is a precision aquarium pump that does everything, such as dosing, auto top-off, water changes, feedings and even operate reactors. Expand your Versa pump array and save on power cords with Versa Base Station and Power Supply from EcoTech Marine. With the use of this optional Base Station, you can dock up to four Versa pumps onto the rail and consolidate to a single power supply.


    • Dimensions: 12.80" L x 1.51" W x 3.52" H
    • Input Voltage: 110V
    • Fits up to 4 Versa Dosing Pumps

    Items Included

    • 1x Versa Base Station
    • 1x Power Supply