Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres
Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres
Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres

Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres

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Size: Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres (1kg/2.2lbs)

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Size: Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres (2kg/4.4lbs)

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    Maxspect's Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres are created using stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology with Biological Aerated Filter (W-BAF). This proprietary technology is formed into inert ceramic beads which can be placed in a mesh bag and tossed into your sump or filter compartment for aquarium filtration. Each sphere has an ultra-high surface area of 580 square feet, providing ample room for colonization by beneficial bacteria strains that can work to lower nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia naturally.

    Replace 20lbs of Live Rock with just 10 Bio-Spheres!

    • Completely inert-- wont affect water chemistry
    • Stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology
    • Ultra-high surface area for enhanced filtration
    • Just 10 Bio-Sphere pieces can replace up to 20lbs of live rock
    • Rapidly colonized by beneficial bacteria
    • Stable ceramic base that will not decompose over time
    • For freshwater and marine aquariums


    Contents - 40 Bio-Spheres per kg package weight

    Surface Area per Sphere - 54 m2 / 580 ft2

    Total Surface Area per Package - 2,376 m2 / 25,575 ft2 per kg package weight

    Treats - 2,850 L / 750 Gallons per kg package weight