Axis 40 Centrifugal Pump (400 GPH)
Axis 40 Centrifugal Pump (400 GPH)
Axis 40 Centrifugal Pump (400 GPH)
Aqua Illumination

Axis 40 Centrifugal Pump (400 GPH)

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    PUMP IT UP with AI Axis

    • Big Pump Features in Pumps of All Sizes
    • Control with MyAI, Mobius, or MXM
    • Three Easy-to-Use Pump Modes
    • Ideal for Aquariums up to 40 Gallons

    Axis pumps offer full control, wireless smart device programming, DC motor quiet operation, and output calibration. Features that have traditionally been reserved for considerably larger and more expensive pumps. These features allow for:

    • Coordinate Feed/Maintenance Modes: Turn all your AI pumps on or off with the control button on a single pump.
    • Prevent back-siphon: With calibration set, instead of powering off, a pump will continue to run without producing flow, preventing siphoning, which could result in air-bubbles when the pump resumes its scheduled operation

    With Axis 40, you get exactly what you need for aquariums up to 40 gallons.

    Simple Built-In Control

    All AI devices include smart control standard. Choose from the myAI or Mobius app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program your AI equipment. The Orbit pumps can also be controlled via Apex Fusion by utilizing the MXM Module.

    Included Pump Modes

    Schedule: Create a custom program with changing flow over time.

    Feed: Temporarily reduces flow to prevent food from being cycled into the overflow.

    Calibrate: Calibrate your pump to your aquarium. Set max, min, and neutral flow levels.

    Reverse: Reverse the flow.


    Dimensions: 2.44" Diameter x 6.625" Tall

    Max Head: ~9ft (2.8m)

    Flow Rate: ~400 GPH (1500lph)

    Power Consumption: Variable, 20W max

    Recommended Tank Size: Up to 40 gallons

    Barbed Output Nozzle Sizes: 0.625" (16mm) | 0.75" (20mm)

    Items Included

    • Axis 40 Centrifugal Pump
    • 0.625" (16mm) Barbed Output Nozzle
    • 0.75" (20mm) Barbed Output Nozzle
    • Power Supply